Adam Moes, Licensed Acupuncturist

(808) 289-5255

… is bringing his 20+ years of experience in providing safe and effective Chinese Medicine to the good folks of the Big Island. Now with Two Locations:

94-6455 Ahi Rd. Naalehu, 96772 With appointments Monday to Thursdays

81-6587 Hawaii Belt Rd, Kealakekua, 96750  With appointments on Fridays

Adam is also available for On-Site treatments, Concierge Medicine, aka House Calls

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Patient Testimonials

Bottom line: Adam Moes is the most effective acupuncturist I have had the pleasure of working with – and I have had a few. He has truly worked miracles with my health, and I am forever grateful for his talent, as well as his absolute kindness and non-judgment. Within just minutes of my first session with him, I began to cry tears of joy, because of the relief felt in my heart and my entire body. 

I came to Adam with an undiagnosed health issue. I had felt imbalances for at least a year, and my doctor ran blood test after blood test without any answers. Then a round of antibiotics really knocked me down and my energy went from bad to worse very quickly. I found myself laying in bed often and having a very difficult time getting through work days (if I was even able to work). Additionally, my anxiety (which I have suffered with for years) increased dramatically. I was in the worst mental and physical shape of my life. 

In the course of just 3 weeks and 3 treatments, Adam was able to heal me, taking me from very low energy, a lot of physical pain and some intense anxiety to having enough energy to take on house and personal projects and enjoying my children and my entire life again. What a gift!!! While I am still on the mend, and have sought a variety of methods to heal (including a lot of prayer and meditation, of course, and changing my diet in accordance with a nutritionist’s guidance), however, I credit so much of the energy flow to Adam and his highly talented ways. In addition to understanding what my body needed, he gave me the confidence that my body would heal. I am so incredibly grateful that I found him, and will continually see him for any and all medical needs and will recommend him to my circle of friends and family for sure. Thank you so much Adam.

~Marissa D.


In Dec.2012 I dislocated and separated my right shoulder during Hapkido training. I went to a local chiropractor for treatment, after 3 weeks I was told I needed surgery. I was not happy about surgery, so I called Adam Moes a local Acupuncturist and healer. He encouraged me to come and commit to allowing my body to heal itself. After a short review of my injury, Adam concluded that with eating a very alkaline diet and acupuncture treatment, that I could recover from this injury without surgery. It is 7 weeks later after, treatments twice a week that I rejoice in my progress through his philosophy of body healing.I would encourage those with body injuries to first work with him as an alternative to surgery. Thank you, Adam, for your caring nature.

Richard W.

John Clark gives a more in depth Testimonial.

Many people do not know that Traditional Chinese Medicine is a safe, extremely effective way to treat maladies of the modern age. 

I searched for years for methods to address long-standing health problems that have caused great suffering in my life. I languished for long periods, finding solutions occasionally, but nothing leading to consistent improvement, or whose methods were truly sustainable in a modern life. This lead to frustration and disappointment, and eventually, to languishing in a diminished quality of life.

I had experienced Acupuncture a couple of times at the beginning of my healing path, but did not fully understand what I was receiving, or how the process worked, so I put it aside and pressed on with my life. That is until my health would no longer support me in doing so. Things took a turn for the worse, and it was time I took a closer look at what I needed to begin to really heal.

I met Adam Moes a few years ago, during a short residence in Chico, CA, when I was plugging along in the realm of alternatives to Conventional Medicine. My immunity was very low from years of pharmaceuticals, and I was prone to colds and flues that would make a war zone out of my head and lungs for weeks at a time. I was able to treat with Adam, which was very helpful in decreasing my symptoms and shortening my recovery time. 

I was also able to treat with him for my gallbladder. It wasn’t more than 24 hours after my first Acupuncture treatment for it, with the adjunct use of Adam’s tailored Chinese herbal formulas, that my symptoms reduced near completely, and I was saved from surgery! Thanks to him, I still have my gallbladder.

I only recently settled down and found myself in a situation to be able to treat with Adam on a regular basis. Thanks to his diligence in figuring out ways to keep the price of his Herbs low, and his commitment to serving the community by offering a sliding scale Acupuncture Clinic weekly, we have begun addressing some of those chronic conditions I’ve struggled with. One thing I have learned through this journey in natural healing is that sometimes things that take a long time to develop, like chronic diseases, take a little longer to dissolve. Even still, the treatments have been very helpful in moving me along my recovery. The combination of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, and eating a diet based on Chinese Medicine, have given me substantial relief in just a few weeks. 

While addressing the chronic issues, I came down with a vicious respiratory ailment. I am quite certain that treating with Adam protected my lungs from the likes of Bronchitis and Pneumonia, in about a weeks time.

Overall, I have found Chinese Medicine with Adam Moes to be gentler and kinder than conventional methods, bypassing side-effects, with consistent results. At this point, I have full trust and faith in the Chinese Tradition of Medicine, with genuine hope for myself and the possibility to finally heal.

Season Naify


It is with great confidence that I recommend Adam Moes to you.  I retired a few years ago – overweight and very physically unfit.  In an effort to reduce my weight and strengthen my body, I have become very active in yoga, water aerobics, and weight training.  Sometimes this has caused strains and ongoing pains in my neck, back and knees.  With Adam’s help, I have been able to use forces within my body to heal those aches and strains and continue my quest for better health and fitness.

I have found Adam to be a very caring acupuncture professional.  He listens attentively, asks intelligent questions regarding your general health, and provides the acupuncture with skill and knowledge.  He spends the time needed to relieve your pain and shows a genuine concern for your comfort.  I’m afraid I don’t understand all of the meridians or chi points on the body, but I feel that Adam has both the knowledge and ability to release the healing energy that your body needs.  He has been a great help to me.

 Ann Springer Chico, CA